McKee family crests including the family motto “Manu Forti” - meaning “with a strong hand”

JOSEPH & JANE MCKEE OF Havelock Quebec

Seeking others with knowledge of the McKee genealogy

of Havelock Quebec circa 1865.

RootsWeb: Surname and Family Lists

RootsWeb provides a mailing list for the McKee surname that allows communication regarding origins, spelling variations, etc. To join, click the link and follow the instructions (you can unsubscribe at any time).

RootsWeb also provides an extensive surname list for those who are interested in other family names or information in their ancestry.

23andMe: Genealogy/DNA Testing

Recently, we were informed of a company that was providing information based on DNA regarding ancestry. This has apparently become more popular with the many technological advances, making it pretty affordable. They send you a kit, you supply the DNA (typically saliva) and they run the DNA in their labs. The information you receive regarding ancestry includes global similarity, relative finders, and DNA (haplogroup) matches. In addition to ancestry information, the DNA test also provides health information such as disease risk, drug response and traits.

I recommend doing your own research to see if this is a good option for you regarding your own family searching. It can provide information that you would not receive otherwise and can be very insightful. It also allows you to connect with others who have taken the tests who have matches to your haplogroup. ›

This Web-Site was started by my Dad with all sorts of McKee information. There is information specific to the Donegal-Canada-Kansas line as well as other McKee stories including origins, spelling variations, pictures and documents.